Monday, July 19, 2010

We are still blogging

Hi Friends and Family. I just wanted to do a quick post here just in case you have us on Google reader or on your blog widgets still under this blogger. We have a new blog site and have still been blogging.

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We love and enjoy reading all your blogs and seeing darling pictures!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities

Dressing up

We started dressing up at our house on Wednesday. Gibby was dressed up and headed off to preschool for a little Halloween Party. Etta got dressed up for dance, they were having a little party also. Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had something going on to dress up for. We got great use out of our costumes this year.

Anni and Etta, take the picture smiles

Silly cheesy smiles

Gardner Village

I love going to Gardner Village for the Witches. It is so fun to see all the fun Witches, have the great feeling of Halloween and Fall, and enjoy some goodies. My friend April and I headed over their Thursday before Halloween. It was a beautiful day but a bit chilly. With gloves and hats we had a great time and enjoyed some cookies and cocoa at the end.

Me, my kids and a Witch.
Gibby's first time seeing the Witches, didn't quite know what to think.

Witches playing piano, Etta told me later she wants to play the piano like the Witch, hehehe

Etta liked the Witch with the Big Red Hat

Gibby was a bit confused with the Witch flying on her bike

Gibby and Etta wanted to join in with the Witches playing Baseball. Our favorite Witches by far.

Kiddos in a horseless carriage: Ashton, Cole, Gibby and Etta

Gibby kept saying "Hats off for Hot Chocolate"

Etta joined in by taking her hat off too

As we were leaving Gibby said "Bye Witches" it was so dang Cute!

Preschool Party

I was in charged of the games for Etta's preschool Halloween party. I loved being there for her party to see her playing with her friends and listening to her teachers. They read a fun Halloween story then it was time for the games and crafts. I had a fun musical Halloween bean bag game going on along with Ghost bowling. The kids also decorated pumpkin shaped foam pictures with googly eyes and glitter. The teachers had the kids dancing and singing Halloween songs just before cookie making. Once the cookies where frosted and eaten we headed home. What great little party.

Story time: A fun witch that wasn't afraid of anything

Singing and dancing to Halloween songs

Pretending to be ghosts, they had some really cute Halloween songs I had never heard before that all the kids preformed for us

cookie decorating time

I noticed every kid did this, sneaking some icing off the knife

Etta's face shows how much fun she had at her preschool party

Ebay Halloween

Every year eBay decks our their halls and desks and allows family and friends to come trick or treat around the buildings. We enjoy going because we get to spend some time with daddy at work. We brought lunch and enjoyed some good food before it was off to bother people while they were still working.

Eating lunch before fun trick or treating at eBay

We thought we were eating lunch with Daddy, but Robert De Niro joined us instead

Gibby showing off his costume

Hurt Tiger, Veterinarian, and injured little monkey

Trick or Treating from desk to desk

Playing down the scary cubicle hallway

Sweaty and tired little monkey from all the trick or treating through ebay

Trick or Treating

We headed off in our neighborhood on Halloween night. To hit up a few neighbor friends and experience the fun of Trick or Treating! Happy Halloween!

My injured Monkey, Veterinarian and Me as Jackie O.

Halloween Picture pre- Trick or Treating

Daddy with the Trick or Treaters

Off to "Williams" house!

Etta with her favorite boys in the neighborhood

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Pumpkins for Halloween

The Pumpkin Patch

We were invited to go with some friends to their preschool pumpkin patch field trip. The kids loved it and had tons of fun! It was a bit rainy but a wonderful fall day.

Listening to how pumpkins grow and all the many different kids of pumpkins

Time to choose our pumpkin ( I love Gibby's gloves that aren't on correctly)

Mine! (I think mainly because he could carry it himself)

Etta picked one she could hold but was still a good size

Our Halloween Pumpkins

Gibby carrying his pumpkin to the car

They had a little hay stacked maze for little kids. I loved it because I could follow their heads and yet they couldn't see over.

Starting the maze:

This way everyone

Gibby giving a look out for the best route to take

Etta making her way through, I love this picture it is so dang cute

Helping each other through the maze

Under the bridge and the end of the maze!

It was a fun little activity. I am a little bummed I didn't do as much as I wanted to in the area of activities but we had fun when we did go out.

Time to Decorate our Pumpkins

We had fun one evening painting and glittering up our pumpkins. We were going to carve them but Etta didn't want to cut her pumpkin and Gibson's was a little small so I busted out the paint and glitter and they had a ton of fun. Plus I didn't have to carve all of them, which is what usually happens.

All ready

Etta and her pumpkin:

She started with a face

Just a few more sprinkles

The beautiful pumpkin, designed by Etta

Gibby and his pumpkin:

Orange for the first layers

Next is the green and glitter

washing off the brush

Finished pumpkin

I forgot to take a picture of mine but the kiddos did love the candle light inside mommy's pumpkin and said next year we can cut all the pumpkins.